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The Science of Aging

Have you ever wondered what causes those wrinkles and dark spots? Have you been asked why you “look tired” when you’re not? What causes aging of the skin?

Aging is a complex interaction of cellular breakdown, free radical damage, chronic sun damage, and resultant loss of volume of the soft tissues around the face which causes wrinkles, “sagging” of the skin, and discoloration. The amount of sleep you get, the amount of stress you put yourself under, your diet, and your environment all affect how well (or not well) your cells function. Ideally, you lead a low-stress life full of joy, your sun protection is impeccable, and your diet is flawless; but we don’t all necessarily lead ideal lives and thus could use the help of a skin expert.

This is where a trip to the dermatologist can pay dividends for how you look and how you feel. Dermatologists are experts in keeping the skin in top shape and helping to rejuvenate skin that has been left to feel the effects of the aging process. Texture abnormalities can be dealt with by resurfacing procedures such as chemical peels and laser therapy. Wrinkles can be treated with topical therapies, Botox (or similar injectables), and dermal fillers. Dyschromia (problematic discoloration of the face) can also be treated with certain topicals and gentle office-based procedures.

Dr. Daren Fomin has a passion for helping patients feel and look their best. Schedule a consultation with him to see how together you can develop a plan to address your concerns.

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