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For the Endoscopy Center patients, below is the endo prep packet. For any questions regarding our Endoscopy Center, please contact us at (785) 354-1254.

Endoscopy Center Prep Packet

For your visit, our Gastroenterology team has prepared documents regarding the preparations for procedures. For any questions regarding forms or prep instructions please contact our GI staff at (785) 354-8518.


  1. Form 8037 Prep EGD

  2. Form 8116 Prep Miralax with Gatorade

  3. Form 8115 Prep 2 Day Miralax with Gatorade

  4. Form 8117 Prep Suprep

  5. EGD with Bravo Prep

  6. Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Prep

  7. Colyte GoLytely Colonoscopy Prep

  8. PLENVU Colonoscopy Prep

  9. SUTAB Colonoscopy Prep

  10. Gatorade Bowel Prep for Barium Enema

GI FOR YOUR VISIT paperwork image
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