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Three Common Misconceptions About Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very troubling condition for many who experience it.  For others, it can be seen as a normal sign of aging.  However, because the majority of both men and women will experience some form of hair loss by the age of 60, we all have our ideas and misconceptions about what causes it and...

Are you at risk for Hepatitis C?

As a gastroenterologist, I deal a lot with the digestive system. Included in my field of study are such viruses that affect the liver such as Hepatitis. In my book – Winning the Hepatitis C Battle – I discuss a wide variety of details associated with Hepatitis C, like the risk factors. Below you get...

Why won’t my hair grow?

I have countless patients, friends and family members who complain about how their hair refuses to grow. Then, the comparisons start. “Why do (insert ethnic group) type of people always have such long hair?” This is a troubling issue for many. Fortunately, many studies have looked into this very issue and can give us insights...

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