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In case you missed it last week – Dr. Shekhar Challa was interviewed for an article about probiotics on Time.com.  Click here to view the article: http://time.com/3712403/probiotics-probiotic-supplements/

Advances in the Cure for Balding: Platelet Rich Plasma

Most think of platelets as the component of blood that coagulates wounds. However, the function of platelets is for more than just forming clots. When activated, they secrete cytokines (proteins) and growth factors, acting as an integral part of wound healing. Because of the platelet’s important function, concentrated preparations of plasma have been used in various...

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You can see our latest TV commercial on KSNT, the CW, Fox43, and KTKA in Topeka featuring Dr. Challa. Watch the video below and let us know – are you part of those who are helping prevent colon cancer by getting screened?

Treatment of Eczema

This article originally appeared in the January 2015 issue of KC Health and Wellness. Twenty-fourteen has been pretty easy on us weather-wise so far, but the temperatures will soon drop. For most people, colder weather translates into drier skin, which can result in a mild “winter itch.” But for some, the itching can become so...

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