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Kansas Medical Clinic, PA, is a multi-specialty group of healthcare providers in Northeast Kansas. Our specialty clinics include gastroenterology and endoscopy center in Topeka; dermatology in Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan, Leawood and Shawnee; a pathology lab in Topeka; medical spas in Leawood and Topeka; and a soon-to-open plastic surgery practice in Topeka.

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The latest from our blog:

Let’s Talk About Lips: Pump up your pout with injections

Look younger with fuller lips It’s been all over the news and celebrity gossip columns lately – pumped up lips are the hottest new trend. Celebrities and people of all ages want fuller or younger looking lips. But what options do you have for plumping up, and what should you know before you decide to...

Announcing: Dr. Carla Skytta and KMC Plastic Surgery

KMC Plastic Surgery is located in the Tallgrass Surgery Center Dr. Shekhar Challa and Kansas Medical Clinic are excited to announce the opening of KMC Plastic Surgery in Topeka. The clinic, located in the Tallgrass Medical Building, is slated to open February 1. Plastic Surgeon Carla Skytta, DO will lead the clinic with a full...

SkinPen Collagen Boost Helps Reduce Appearance of Aging

There has been much ado about reducing the appearance of aging skin with the increased use of injectables, facial resurfacing techniques and topicals by the mainstream. According to a recent article in eDermatology News titled “Early Intervention May Forestall Menopause-Related Skin Aging” sheds some positive light on estrogen supplementation and collagen stimulation as tactics women...

PRP for Hair Loss

Most think of platelets as the component of blood that coagulates wounds. However, the function of platelets is far more than just forming clots. When activated, they secrete cytokines and growth factors, acting as an integral part of wound healing. Because of platelet’s important function, concentrated preparations of plasma have been used in various fields...

KMC Dermatology

Topeka, Leawood, Shawnee
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Topeka, KS 66615


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