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KMC Gastroenterology WINS National 2020 Radio Mercury Award 🏆📻

The votes have been tallied, and the KMC marketing team (pictured below) is pleased to announce that our "Disco Colonoscopy" radio ad took first place in this year's National Radio Mercury Awards!

Some 94 radio spots made it to the finals, which honors outstanding radio, and we are fortunate enough to celebrate our victory alongside Alpha Media Topeka for Best Creative Spot: General Market, Radio Station/Group.

At KMC Gastroenterology, Dr. Challa makes it his top priority to keep the community informed, especially when it comes to the importance of colon cancer prevention through screening colonoscopies.

Of course, it's tricky to market this sensitive subject, so that's why our creatives are so important! Resonating with those over the age of 50 means taking it back, which is exactly what we did. Our disco colonoscopy advertisement has continued to keep our message fun, light, and relevant.

We're so excited to have won the 2020 Radio Mercury Award and are just as honored to know this ad will continue to save lives.

Call KMC Gastroenterology at 785-354-8518 or visit to schedule your screening colonoscopy today!

Pictured: KMC marketing team

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