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Call for entries

KMC is proud to present a juried exhibition to be held at its headquarters,

2200 SW 6th Ave, Topeka, KS. 

KMC invites area residents
to submit 2d and 3d artwork representing the theme,

" Beyond the Surface." 

The project features an ongoing exhibition updated quarterly.

Theme: Beyond the Surface | Curated By: KMC Marketing Group, a panel of stakeholders and professional artists.


Submissions will be considered as space allows.


Up to 20 entries may be selected. All work must belong to the person submitting the application. As we consider work for inclusion, we want to learn about the ideas and concepts behind your work and see their execution.  Factors such as prior accomplishments, education, the creation date of the work are not relevant in our selection process. What inspires our curiosity may be unique to us, and therefore, not being selected should not be seen as anything other than not a match for our current selection criteria, mix of reviewers, and space limitations.

There are no submission fees. Most sizes and formats of visual art are acceptable.

Artists have the option of hanging their own works under the supervision of our team. 

Artist retains all copyrights to their own images. Artists whose works are accepted for exhibition grant KMC the nonexclusive right to use, print, and reproduce submitted digital files for the purpose of the exhibition, promoting the artist, promoting related programs and subsequent display on the KMC website, social media and online exhibition archives. The artist's name and photo title will be included when practical, wherever the art is displayed.

Entry Form

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Thanks for submitting!
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